Prefabricated items according to the applicable documentation

Pressure items

  • sheet pile wall units for power boilers – screens, banks, bulkheads

  • collectors for boilers

  • chambers for power boiler tubulation

  • flat and convex bottoms

  • heat exchangers – coolers, power superheaters

  • induction-bended pipe units with diameter ranges from 21.3 to 914 and radius ranges from 1D to 10D, for high pressure (up to 300bar) and high temperature installations (up to 600*C)

  • blower by-passes

  • bends with clamps for transporting materials with high hardness

  • fork-shaped t-joints made from machined forgings

  • fork-shaped -joints obtained by pipe welding

Other items

  • air and dust nozzles for coal fired boilers