About us

Tamar is a medium-sized specialist industrial supplier established in 2004.

Our operations include the distribution of industrial valves and fittings, steel pipes and steel pipe couplings, as well as the implementation of complete pipeline system projects. Our products are used in the power, chemical, petrochemical and gas industries.



Our offer includes: industrial valves and fittings (Wakmet, Klinger and other, and Klinger sight glasses), steel pipes, steel couplings (flanges, elbows, reducers, tee joints and crosses, tank heads, weldolets, sockolets, thredolets), sealing products (sealing sheets, gaskets and other), as well as prefabricated items according to the applicable documentation.

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Tamar Sp. z o.o. manufacturing system has been awarded the UDT – CERT certificate of conformity with the requirements of Annex I par. 4.3 of the PED 2014/68/EU Directive, as certified by the Manufacturers Quality Assurance Certificate no. CSJ/540/WM/PED/2016 (see: Certificates), subject to the 2014/68/EU Directive.

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